What to feed a puppy and how to feed a puppy

A puppy of any breed should be fed frequently – every 3-4 hours. The older the puppy, the less often you have to feed him. Clearly: puppy of 2 months needs to eat 5 times a day, the puppy of 3 months should eat 4 times a day, in 4 months – 3 times. Since half a year a dog should eat twice a day. An adult dog could do a one-time feeding.

To give food at the same time. Of course, this is not a strict rule, but the sooner you teach your dog discipline in all things, the fewer problems you will have. Also need to feed in equal portions. Absorption of food also need to give roughly the same time, say 10-15 minutes. This is to ensure that the process of feeding does not become simply freeze the bowl.

If you forget or are unable to feed the puppy at set times, don’t need to compensate at the next feed. Let us as much as it should be in one portion.

To follow, not hungry, puppy . it can be difficult. If the puppy licks the bowl to a Shine – he clearly wants more. If you leave the surplus doesn’t mean that he had eaten as much as it should be for the body. There are puppies who just can’t stop, for example, Alaskan Malamutes, they will eat so much, how many there are.

After eating can lead to walk with your pet, but not to play actively. After eating should take 1-2 hours.

The amount and type of bowl. If samakomlao size, need low bowl. If medium – high. If the major is on stand. Reach down for food harmful for your pet.

Growling while eating is just a whim and a demonstration of character. Wean!

How to choose food for your puppy

If you buy a puppy from a breeder, then often you offer food, usually Royal Canin. You can even say that the puppy is accustomed to feed and it is best suited. Do not blindly believe, this is a marketing ploy. Signs that food is not for puppy: Pomeranian Spitz and foreign small breeds watery eyes, bloating, bad smell. In all breeds the traits of the individual.

What to feed a puppy – this is the first question when buying a pet. Feed only dry food is bad for dogs Zdorovie. Whatever premium food was not, it is cooked by heat treatment and contain claimed on the label beneficial properties can not. Constantly to cook with natural foods is not the answer (we we do not always have time to cook healthy food). The best option is to combine food and natural food evenly.

When choosing food, will help you 3 hints:

Good food is never cheap.

Expensive food is not always good food.

Feed should, at a minimum, to be approved by the Association of the control of groceries.

So, the food is dry (granular), canned, semi-moist. I advise you to choose between dry and canned. Dogs prefer canned. As a variant – it is possible to dilute with kefir dry.

Category of food: economy, premium, super premium.

Pay attention to the label. It is written: for dogs of any age are encouraged to feed. Be aware of all the nuances: the feed of meat – 95% should consist of meat, lunch meat – the 25% of meat, “meat” – only 3%, but “tasteful” is saict that meat there’s only E.

Next, look at the list contained in the feed ingredients. Will go first meat, poultry, etc., the Word “offal” refers to that in the feed used was waste from birds – paws, claws, feathers. This is not food, but a bag of garbage.

What natural food can give your puppy

There are important products, there are secondary ones. The diet of dogs is meat and dairy. The lack of meat, you can substitute cereals theoretically, but not practically!

Meat is the basis of 30-45%: cooked liver, beef, chicken, Turkey, other birds, almost any meat except pork (it’s for dogs too fatty). Give raw meat to a puppy, but remember that there can be all sorts of germs and parasites, so it is recommended to first process the meat or cook, or promonocyte in the freezer. How to give meats? About 20-30 grams per day per 1 kg of the puppy 🙂

Also useful for red fish and fat. The fish can be given raw and boiled.

Dairy products 40-60% of normal and calcinated cottage cheese, yogurt, milk, yogurt. In the cheese contains a lot of salt. In yogurt many supplements. Of course, your pet will eat it all, but this is not healthy food. Dairy products are a source of calcium. It is very important for growing puppies.

Cereals and vegetables 25-40% cereals source of protein and fibre, vegetables and vitamins. Porridge should be cooked without salt and sugar. You can add a spoon of vegetable oil (have a good effect on wool). You can cook oatmeal in meat broth. Will fit all cereals: buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, Orlova porridge and other Vegetables any raw or steamed. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. Green is useful for digestion. Add the vegetables to mush.

Once a week you can give your puppy a chicken egg, raw or cooked. It is a source of useful minerals.

If your puppy does not like healthy fruits and vegetables, you can cheat, put the pieces into yogurt.

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