What dangerous diseases can infect Pets?

Cats, dogs, parrots – without them our life would be much duller. But not only the joy Pets bring. Sometimes the cat bites its own could cost lives, and playing with a dog – long treatment at infections. What diseases can infect domestic animals and how to protect yourself from it?

It often happens that a dangerous animal disease is harmless and not contagious to people and Vice versa. However, there are also zoonotic infections – diseases that humans can get infected from “smaller brothers”.

Helminthiasis (worms) and parasitic diseases

Your dog or cat can end by infectious diseases with helminths. Animals pick up the infection together with food (infected meat, fish and even flies), contaminated water, and through the bites of mosquito vector larvae (as happens when dirofilariasis) and accidental ingestion of eggs of worms, for example, with your street shoes. After that, the worms – flat, round, tape worms parasitize in the intestinal tract and the bodies of cats and dogs. To do this, the worms are long and quietly. So, the owner runs the risk of Contracting helminth infections, if you forget to wash your hands after playing with pet or neglect the rules of hygiene when cleaning his toilet.

What you can catch from cats or dogs?

Toxoplasmosis . Berekeningen toxoplasmosis can cause severe destruction and the death of the fetus, and all the rest in danger of liver, heart, lymph nodes, headaches, cramps, etc.

Toxocariasis. Is transmitted to humans through contact with the sick dog or its feces, and most likely to infect children. The symptoms of toxocariasis – fever, itchy rash, bronchitis, pneumonia and eye damage.

Opisthorchiasis . Pathogen – liver Fluke Opisthorchis Felineus is called “cat-Fluke”. People are infected with opisthorchiasis, it has eaten infected fish, and when dealing with a sick pet. The disease may not announce itself or manifested in many different symptoms – temperature, weakness and allergies to severe liver damage. gastrointestinal tract, etc.

How to protect yourself?

Feed your pet quality food, always wash your hands after playing with Pets and cleaning his toilet . Be sure to spend a deworming (removal of worms) the vet if the four-legged picked up on the street or from strangers. Will not interfere with prevention of worms and cats living in private homes. And if you notice suspicious symptoms (unstable stool, blood and mucus in the faeces of the animal, loss of appetite and weight loss) – urgent take the pet to the veterinarian .


Another trouble – dermatomycosis: trichophytosis (ringworm), microspores. dermatofitos. Of these infectious skin diseases – pathogenic fungi-dermatophytes – cats and dogs pick up from their “friends” or rodents. And man becomes infected by contact with sick animals or their litter, brush-scratcher, etc. On the body there are reddish itchy spots, but if the ringworm has “settled” on his head partial hair loss and dandruff. Brrr! Fortunately, you can protect yourself from troubles a snap – in vet clinics animal make a special inoculation from fungal infections.

Disease cat scratch

Benign viral lymphadenitis is often referred to as cat scratch disease or cat lymphadenitis. Rather scratch or bite a sick cat to infection were transferred to the human body. After a few days scratches brewing dense papule, and after a couple of weeks, the “victim” fever, inflamed lymph nodes. Serious consequences it will not, if time contact your doctor. And so there was no need, don’t forget to do the cat “manicure” and treat the scratches with an antiseptic.


A few months ago, a resident of the Lipetsk region has died after being bitten by their own cats. The pet, as reported in the local CPS, was gone from home for a few days, and came back a man infected with rabies virus. Earlier in the same field from the bite of a rabid puppy died a schoolgirl. And such horror stories are many: according to who statistics, in Russia from rabies every year are killed 10 thousand people.

Death if bitten or scratched by a rabid animal, without an imminent emergency course of rabies vaccines. Rabies vaccination, by the way, want first pet – then four-footed will not get infected from other animals and will not harm you.

What diseases can infect a parrot?

Because a parrot or a Canary can “ring out” on the hospital bed with psittacosis. This is an acute infectious disease caused by the bacteria from chlamydia. The agent “lives” in the particles of lint, feces and secretions from the mouth, and the man roamed, when not complied with the rules of hygiene when cleaning the cage or by inhalation of infectious particles. The “two-legged” psittacosis can cause fever, pneumonia, liver and spleen. To avoid that, remove the cage the feathered gloves and make sure that it does not get Pooh on the table and products.

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What dangerous diseases can infect Pets?
Cats, dogs, parrots – without them our life would be much duller. But not only the joy Pets bring. Sometimes the cat bites its own could cost lives, and playing…

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