What breed of dogs the funniest?

Nature creates everything perfectly and correctly, but sometimes its establishment turn out to be so extraordinary and startling that our human perception is amazing. So the concept “dog”, which is subconsciously associated the brave and courageous animal, paradoxes arise. Of course, the word “funny” implies a completely subjective opinion, but there are some breeds of dogs, looking at that smile at all.

The creature, looking at I want to laugh, and then want to feel sorry for her. The little dog from causing fun that she decided to cut. Remain only the mane, tail and legs with a fairly long coat, which usually contrasts with the color of the body. Trimmed in the form of the Chinese crested dog resembles a miniature humpbacked horse from the fairy tale. But, joking aside, this dog is very loyal and obedient pet.

This little dog is also called the continental toy Spaniel. The Spaniel it is similar to a long smooth fur and is distinguished by its large, protruding, hairy ears. They give Papillon comic view. By nature the dog is obedient and friendly, very nimble and fun. It highlights the serious intelligence, this breed originated in natural conditions and has been a very long time.

What could be funnier than the long-eared and short-legged”bratwurst” with an oblong body. Looking at these sad eyes and floppy ears is simply impossible to repress a smile. Actually, like the Dachshund, Basset hound is a hunting breed, and an elongated body and a specific color allow representatives of this breed to hunt successfully and to entice forest animals from their burrows.

This breed is one of the most expensive and popular. Funny animal similar to a Fox, a very well-established yourself as a pet. Spitz valued for the amazing coat, very fluffy and soft. His face nice and friendly. At home he feels good, likes to play, always pleases his household. The Pomeranian is considered to be very intelligent and docile animals, therefore and the price for a puppy is not small.

English and French bulldogs

Another one from quite expensive aristocratic breeds. The appearance of them not so charming, but they are still very amusing, due to its characteristic pohryukivanie. Some owners of these dogs claim that bulldogs snore and quite loudly. Very funny to watch this little chubby guy that pretends to be serious and formidable beast, but it should at least be respected for that.

The Affenpinscher breed is originally from Central Europe and is one of the oldest representatives of Pets. Their color is fairly poor, usually they are black and brown, but the snout looks a lump of wool, where visible eyes beads. These dogs are intelligent and friendly.

Looking at this four-legged friend of man, comes to mind only one Association: laziness. This breed is one of the largest in the world, and is distinguished by its increased number of folds on the face and drooping chin. In spite of pleasant and prepossessing appearance, Mastino Napoletano, as they are called, are representatives of the ancient fighting dogs, so they needed to be treated with respect, though covering his mouth from laughing.

Another fun breed, and hairy beyond recognition. It is the coat similar to dreadlocks, make it pretty ridiculous. In fact, this breed is a herding dog, originally from Italy. It is not known why nature has endowed her increased hairiness that even eyes can not see, but very likely in order to disguise themselves among the sheep, and protect them in case of attack.

Fine kind of dog that has the cutest curly hair. Despite its small size and cute appearance, this dog has an important mission since the sixteenth century. In those days she had no equal among search of truffles and catch water fowl. The main feature of wool is that it does not get wet, having a double cover, so lagotto indispensable on the water. This breed was formed on the Italian territory. As a pet, the Romagnolo lagotto it proved, with a sweet temper and friendly disposition.

Every dog is an individual and this list lacks many species which deserve the attention and title the funniest, but even an ordinary mongrel could circumvent sleek Spitz or bulldog, because all dogs are unique.

And here, dear readers, we have published for you a few very positive articles about our tailed friends .

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