What animals can be kept in an apartment?

What happens if you have a home thirty-six cats , five giant dogs , a terrarium or a rabbit farm on your balcony ? Knowrealty versed in the intricacies of the law.

If you delve into history, the path of domestication of wild animals stood our very distant ancestors. In the stone age arrive to man the wolf was turned into a dog, and 10 thousand years ago the Hittites domesticated cat. In those days no one had any issues, is it possible to have this animal specifically, was distracted by more pressing worries: how to do, or to put together a fighting chariot. Genghis Khan, for example, or Charles the Great, setting the stage for the Cheetah, not exactly tormented by questions like that to the neighbors. But with them is more or less clear: the kings and khans all can. What about us, the ordinary residents of the flats in the block, sometimes without balconies? Those who have no HOMESTEAD land and even a small country cottage? Can someone forbid to make, say, an anteater, if outrageous just like Salvador Dali, and much less square meters?

The law, ironically, not particularly regulates the rules of keeping a pet in the apartment, but imposes a few simple requirements . The main thing is that he really lived in the apartment, but not in the hallway or in the stairwell, so as not celebrating estestvennuyu in the entrance, and that the statutory silence about the time didn’t disturb neighbors by barking/hissing/curlykale. This is the basic provisions prescribed in the “Code of the city of Moscow on administrative offences”, for their failure to pay the fine.

In our judiciary practice of precedents prohibiting the detention of those or other animals does not exist. In fact, even the word “pet” sounds, to put it mildly, somewhat specific: “Pets – animals kept in captivity or in a position of limited freedom, including farm animals, animals to satisfyemotional and aesthetic needs of a person (animal companion), as well as animals belonging to the species traditionally contained a person in captivity or in conditions of limited freedom,” such an interpretation given in the Federal law № 52 “On wildlife”. From this wonderful definition (and lawyers, this fact together confirm) that in the conditions of apartment buildings can contain not only cats or dogs, but also snakes, spiders, Scorpions and other Madagascan cockroaches. Moreover, if the muskrat meets your personal emotional needs, and the giant Salamander — aesthetic, start to health. And we will try to address specific and the most common livestock issues.

Determined cat-lady, leaving a small feline army, never with such questions not to be asked, and just silently give birth. And with what pain, despair and nasal congestion their neighbors periodically complain about it on television, proves once again: cats, ferrets, chinchilla – no matter who you are going to wind up or dissolve, cannot be removed from the apartment. The only punishment that might follow such an insatiable love for Pets, the penalty for violation of the aforementioned rules for keeping Pets. For example, if cats:

— dirtied entrance (fine — 1000-2000 p. for the assumption of contamination of common areas in apartment buildings);

it is cruel blows neighbour’s poodle, and you just do not stopped these aggressive fellows (the penalty is 4000-5000 p. for the assumption of an attack pet to another pet, resulting in injury or death of the last);

— attacked the neighbor, but they are specifically designed to attack not prepared (fine — 4000-10000 for the assumption by negligence attack with causing harm to human health, if the act does not contain signs of a crime);

— attacked the neighbor after your “FAS” (fine — 2000-10000 p. for the instigation of a pet for humans or animals);

— met in the yard a wild deer or elk and lost too, for some reason they got into a fight (the penalty is 4000-5000 R. for causing a pet to a wild animal of death or disability);

— nibbled neighbor’s Mat or even the door (500-10000 R. for causing damage to property physical assault pet).

The same is true for dogs, lizards, and other inhabitants of the apartment; before the law all are equal-tailed and multi-legged. Still, of course, you can be attracted for non-compliance of sanitary standards. But in this case, the plaintiff, that is to say a disgruntled neighbor, shall organize the conduct of odorology examination, i.e. measurement of the “level” of the odor. All complicated by the fact that it is not cheap, and experts counted on the fingers. If the case goes to court, it is unlikely that the final will be more exciting: for the judge the fact that someone’s smell interferes with life is a very weak argument, in the end, he lives in this house. And today there is still no basic law regulating the list of animals allowed for keeping at home. The state Duma has attended to its development in 2014, but, after its adoption in the first reading, the law was forgotten.

Can I have on the balcony a rabbit farm ?

Theoretically on the balcony you can not only make a rabbit farm, but also a mini-zoo. Requirements for breeding rabbits are the same as those for any other pet. The only thing the breeder must care about thorough cleaning of cages and enclosures. In the urine of rabbits contains a hell of a lot of ammonia, so the pallets with waste of their life need to be washed at least twice a day. Otherwise, the neighbor-kralikova will cause zhilinspektsiyu, the CPS and the police, and anyone of them will do their job as they should. On the complaints of neighbors of the CPS, for example, may conduct epidemiological examination and measure levels of ammonia in the entrance or specific apartments. And if this level will exceed the permissible limits, the rabbits will have to move quickly on a new farm or the nearest market — there could be someone as lucky.

How many dogs can be kept in the apartment ?

Yes, plenty. No matter with whom you share your home — the Labrador or Shih Tzu, Caucasian shepherd dog or Chinese crested — none district you and won’t say a word, only walk your pet on a leash and muzzled (if your Pekingese already thought of a muzzle) and don’t violate other rules listed content. Everything else is allowed, complete freedom barks, playful and tromping around chasing the ball around the apartment — so that’s animal democracy.

Who will be the most problems ?

The most dangerous for home animals – raccoons. They can cause big problems with the law and to turn you from a good citizen into a criminal or even a murderer. Yes, all is well. Undoubtedly, raccoons are cute, funny and beautiful, but their education must be approached with great responsibility. Taking care of the raccoons is, above all, attention to their lifestyle. They have strong legs and stable grasping reflexes, and coupled with the curiosity it’s just an explosive mixture. Often they sneak in the kitchen and bathrooms wardrobes and can not only put exceptional “Coonskin” procedure, but also greatly come to harm by drinking or spilling vinegar or household chemicals. And in this case, if the truth will come out, the owner will be attracted to administrative responsibility for inadequate maintenance pet.

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