Top 10 most unusual Pets

The domestication of wild animals and making them his companions began millions of years ago. Excavations of primitive man, has proven that even in the Mesolithic were domesticated many species, most of which now it is impossible to present in a wild habitat. Nowadays, however, people continue the work of our ancestors, domashneva increasingly wild and incompatible with the human species. This article presents ten of the most unusual Pets that were tamed by man.

1. And the first our list of open wolves. Due to the fact that the wolf is a direct descendant of domestic dogs, many people believe that it would be a great companion. But we should not forget that this is still a wild and unpredictable animal. So 50-year-old Sandra Piovesan was torn apart by a pack of wolves that lived in her house since birth. Despite numerous warnings of relatives to beware of dangerous predators, she still claimed that they are better dogs give love and loyalty. However, after some time her body was discovered in a cage with wolves with numerous soft-tissue injuries.

2. Fox. In nature foxes are very cautious, timid and try to avoid humans, but if they grow up from birth, they can become wonderful Pets. So about 6 years ago in one of the pet stores in England has had 10-day the Fox, who immediately liked him (pet store) owner Stephen Edington. The man decided to raise a Fox and then release it into the wild. So this wild animal, which was given the name Miss Snooks became part of a small family of Steven. When the time came, they let my favorite car in the woods, but in less than a couple of hours, as the Fox came home. The couple took several attempts to get the animal in its natural habitat, but the result was the same – dedicated Miss Snooks returned home.

3. Crocodiles. Whatever they are bloodthirsty killing machines, they still keep as Pets. That is, for example, African uskorenii crocodile named johnny, who doted in his mistress Vicki Loving. According to Wiki, the crocodile crawled to the doorstep of her home in 1996 and greatly frightened her. Then Loving tried to run him off, but he never wanted to part with. Now 15 years as johnny lives in her home and the missus says that she loves this gentle crocodile, despite the fact that in the heat of the game, he several times broke Vicky’s hand.

4. Tigers. Big cats are always kept as Pets. Especially popular are tigers. But their owners have to deal with a strong and dangerous animal. After all, it is virtually impossible to do the surgery to remove the claws, as if accidentally damaged cat finger pads, it will not be able to walk properly. And it can lead to paralysis, because correct gait is required for proper development of the tiger with more weight. But still there are people who think that these striped predators will not cause them any harm. So convinced was 66-year-old Norman Bowald, who actively fought for the right of people to keep as Pets big wild cats. At his house lived a huge 300-kilogram tiger that once while cleaning the cage of Norman tortured to death. However, it was tiger and was injured in this situation, because actually he is not guilty, unlike his naïve master.

5. Lions. Lions are less popular Pets than tigers, but not everyone will dare to hold the king of beasts. A resident of the Czech Republic Jaroslav Cannes, the owner of a small company which produces pumps is the owner of a lion named Leo, and apparently not afraid to go for a walk with him, holding the predator only by a rope. But pet lions are not as docile and quiet as they look in the photos with their owners. So, for example, without any warning manual lion attacked and killed the owner of the exotic animals in the United States during the cleaning of the cell. The wife of the deceased, after returning from work, found her husband and called the police. Unfortunately, the lion was shot by a Sheriff’s Deputy.

6. Skunks. Hardly in the world there are many people who love skunks to keep them as Pets. But one of these strange lovers is a 51-year-old Deborah Caprine, which is professionally engaged in the breeding of these animals. According to Deborah every morning she pulls out her pussies for a walk and she pretty fed up with people who are shouting “SKUNKS!” run away or cross to the other side of the street. After all, despite its established fame for skunks, they are very clean and apply protective its chemical weapons only in exceptional cases. Now Deborah about 80 skunks and feed them all the task is not simple, because each month Caprine spending over $ 700 on food for their unusual Pets.

7. The anteaters. In the US is becoming more and more popular to keep at home such unusual animals like anteaters. So Angelina Goodwin from Oregon live are both great anteater named Paul and Stevie. According to the hostess, they are pretty funny animals. All day Paul and Stevie play with each other or with arms, which they bought Angela. They perfectly answer to their names. And despite the fact that the nature of anteaters feed exclusively on insects, Angela claims that they eat everything even old holey socks.

8. Bears. Before little bear cubs especially were taken from the mother, to tame and force to do things not typical to a wild human animal for their own pleasure. Now, however, most of these huge animals kept as Pets only due to the fact that they were in any trouble. So Casey Anderson, who works at the organization for the rescue of rare animals, one of the expedition stumbled upon a tiny bear-grizzly, weighing less than 10 kilograms near his own mother shot dead by poachers. The baby would have been doomed to a painful death if Casey decided to bring it here. Since then it’s been 7 years, and Anderson and Brutus are still the best of friends. The bear, like a true member of the family has his seat at the dining table. Moreover, Brutus was even a witness at the wedding of his master.

9. Bison. It is logical to reason that bison can be kept as a pet in a special fence or in the barn. But in Canada there lives a family of Shuterov who shares his home with a 725-pound 2-year-old bison named Bailey Jr. Linda Sautner and her husband do not argue that they have Bailey’s there are some problems. For example, bison were never able to tame the toilet, so the couple often finds “surprises” in my bed. Also Bailey is a very lazy animal that loves to eat dense. These qualities are quite adversely affect the interior of the house of Sauthenerom, because not to spend the extra time, the bison broke through the wall between my bathroom and kitchen. And when he wants to go out, despite the locked doors, was well on its way to its goal. Cautery spent a fortune, almost every day to repair the door, while not thought to make it open to the outside. But, despite all the shortcomings Bailey Jr., the family can not imagine life without this giant, allowing him storming around the house, and even drive a car.

10. Hippos. Perhaps the most unusual animal that should keep at home is a Behemoth, because in Africa they kill more people than any other animal. And though it sounds crazy, but in a South African family for 10 years, a large mammal that weighs more than 2.5 tons. And it all started when Shirley and Tony Gilbert saved a newborn Hippo during flood in may 2000. Fully confident that the baby will not survive without their help, Giberti took it home, with the intention of quickly getting out the crumbs, and then let go. Hippo called Jessica and every time Tony during an interview said her name, shaking the whole house this animal would dart into the room and started spinning around the chair his adoptive parent. But time passed, and Jessica was growing at an incredible rate, so Tony built her a shed. But Hippo who consider themselves part of the family, didn’t want to leave the house, and decided to sleep in the bed with parents, to appear on the sofa in front of the TV or eat from the dining table. The family of Edilberto tried to close the doors to the rooms, but it is obvious that two-ton animal for such a barrier is not a problem. Tony also told how Jessica accidentally demolished a wall as she ran to meet her husband from work. But when she was 5 years old, the family decided to save your house from complete destruction, forcing the Hippo to the porch, where he settled himself comfortably on the mattress with his best friend, an American pit bull the girl first. Now Jessica is 11 years old. So growing up, she came to a herd of hippos, where he decided to start an independent life. But, despite the fact that she already had her own family, Jessica every night coming home to your favorite mattress.

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