Top 10 biggest dog breeds in the world

If you look at ancient times, it is the biggest dog breed in the world . often bred as defenders, a ferocious hunters or just to emphasize his high position in society, for example, to follow the royals. In these cases, the size and strength of the dog was of great importance. In the modern world, large breeds of dogs, often give birth to ordinary people, for whom these large, but mostly peaceful and calm animals become Pets and good companions. In today’s rankings, top 10 biggest dogs in the world, are the largest dog breeds . Of course, this top 10 is quite subjective, for the reason that some of the rocks have a sturdy body and considerable weight, while others are quite thin, but very tall.

Opens top 10 biggest dog breeds in the world the Hungarian Kuvasz. It’s quite a small breed of dog, but only compared to the dogs presented in our rating. Thanks to their thick and short coat, the Hungarian Kuvasz, moves perfectly among the tall plants, and the white color makes it easy to distinguish from other animals, such as wolves, all of which makes it a good hunting breed. Also, these dogs, since ancient times, used as herding.These dogs have a loyal character, at the same time, they can be very cruel. Therefore, the rearing of this large breed dog should be approached with extreme care.

Breed the Scottish Deerhound originates from the UK. This breed Borzoi dogs, bred for hunting (baiting) deer, without the use of weapons. The Deerhound is not only one of the biggest dog breeds in the world, but also one of the oldest. Appeared in the 16th century and has long served as hunting dogs for the nobility. Scottish Deerhounds are very active dogs. Staying with a person almost never are aggressive and rarely bark, well feel the mood of their owners and adore children. Very trusting towards strangers, making this breed unsuitable for protection.

The Pyrenean mountain dog

The great Pyrenees was bred in France. The color of this dog breed, mainly white, coat dense and long. These dogs are excellent guards. Noble person kept them to guard their possessions, and in ancient times, representatives of this dog breed, guarding large herds. Pyrenean mountain dogs – great a very smart and trainable. In relation to their masters behave benevolently.

Anatolian shepherd dog (Kangal)

Birthplace of the origin of the Anatolian shepherd of Turkey. Of these, one of the biggest dogs in the world . has been used as herding, protecting the flocks from predators. Have a calm nature and a good wit. Kangal (Turkish name of the breed), very loyal and jealously protect the property of their owners. Good with kids.

Height: about 71 cm

Weight: ~ 68 kg

Originally this breed was used as working in Canada. An interesting feature of Newfoundland is the presence of webbed fingers. Therefore, this breed of dog also referred to as “divers”. Because of their aggressive nature these dogs are not for protection, but, Newfoundland, often kept as Pets. The average size of these dogs do not particularly qualify them for the biggest dog breeds in the world, but often, there are individuals, height and weight which is significantly higher than average.

Height: approximately 72-80cm

Weight :about 50-76kg

The Leonberger is one of the largest dog breeds in the world. First bred in Germany in the city of Leonberg. In the creation of this dog breed took part three of a kind: the Newfoundland, great Pyrenees, St. Bernard. Their appearance Leos are like lions. A distinctive feature of dogs is the presence of a black mask on the muzzle. These large and strong dogs were used as working, but also proved to be excellent as guard. The nature of Leos, sociable and obedient dogs, well trained and for this reason can also be a great companion and guide.

Height: 70-90cm

Weight: about 50-90kg

The name of the breed of strong and large dogs was in honor of the monastery of St. Bernard, located in the mountains of Switzerland. Although the average for the breed weight is about 70kg, but very often meet dogs weighing more than 100kg. The Saint Bernards were used as rescue dogs. Color red with white spots. The coat can be long or short, depending on the variety, with good undercoat. By nature these dogs are loyal and flexible. Previously St. Bernards were used as rescue dogs. They helped to carry the provisions, to find and to transport tourists in the snowy Alps.

Height: about 68-75cm

Weight: about 54-100kg

English Mastiff is the biggest breed of dog in the world, considering the weight, not the growth of the animal. Homeland of the breed is England. Mastiffs are very large dogs, well-built and have great power. Julius Caesar, having seen these dogs, was impressed by their strength and endurance. Mastiffs, even participated in gladiatorial battles of ancient Rome. Most often, English mastiffs were used as hunting and guard dogs. They also helped fishermen in catching fish (gobies).

Growth: about 75-87cm

Weight: around 47-56kg

The birthplace of origin of the Irish wolfhound, as its name implies, is Ireland. During the Roman Empire the name was the terror of the Roman legionaries. Wolfhounds are one of the largest dog breeds in the world and, perhaps, the most high, but with low body weight. The Irish wolfhound takes the second place in the ranking of the biggest dog breeds in the world, which were used for hunting. Has a calm and sweet demeanour.

Height: 70-85cm

Weight: about 45-90kg

First place in the ranking of the top 10 biggest dog breeds in the world, is the great Dane. The color of these dogs is very varied: it can be blue, harlequin, black, etc. the Coat is short, smooth and glossy. The nature of dogs is mild and friendly, so when the content of a person, as a rule, does not occur.

The biggest dog in the world was considered the great Dane, nicknamed “Giant George”. This dog lived in an American family in Arizona. It weighs 111kg, height 110cm, body length of 2.2 m. This result was officially listed in the Guinness Book of world records. The dog lived for nearly 8 years, died in 2010. Today, the largest dog in the world is the great Dane “Zeus”.

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