Tips for feeding Pets

How to store food for cats and dogs need to know every pet owner, because proper storage of feed is the key to the quality of the product, and hence good health of your pet!

5 tips for feeding moist feeds:

Bring food to room temperature, but do not overheat, the temperature should not exceed 30 C.

If you give a dog or cat food from a can, how should knead it into a smooth paste with a fork.

Do not knead or heat food to an animal right in the bowl, this may cause sticking of the feed to the bottom of the bowl.

Never let your pet eat from open cans! I open cans with sharp edges that your pet could get hurt.

The water contained in the “wet aft” brand does not affect the daily requirement of pet in the liquid, so it should always be a bowl with fresh, clean water.

Storage tips unopened wet food:

Store feed in a dry place at room temperature

Dents and scratches on a tin does not mean that its contents are corrupted, BUT upon the slightest suspicion of the quality of the product don’t give it to your pet

Freezing the wet food is permissible because the product does not change its value, but its texture and flavor may change for the worse

Tips for storage of opened wet food

Open feed should be stored in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours, because during prolonged storage significantly deteriorate palatability of the feed. Optimum period of storage of feed – 24 hours

If you need to slightly extend the shelf life of foods – gently stir food with a little water

Use temporary covers or cover the jars with plastic wrap to avoid absorption of feed odors of other foods stored in the refrigerator. It will also help to prevent the product from oxidation.

Before you feed your pet always knead food!

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