The most expensive Pets

People usually make easy Pets, but there are those who just need to keep at home something exotic and to brag about it.

For many, it is certainly a luxury.

About how much fun it can be, and what interesting animals have some people, we’ll tell you now.

The honorary first position on the “cheapness” of Pets is domestic Bengal cat. Its price starts from 800$ and can reach up to 3.000$. They are also called Leopard cats, but alas, leopards or not. Just one American Jane mill brought from vacation wild Asian cat and crossed it up with your home, a simple black cat. Little spotted kittens, and became the founders of this breed.

If You are partial to the monkey, pay attention to the Japanese rhesus monkey. It is, however, 3.500$, but how exotic! Yes and you can buy it is difficult — it is listed in the Red book, and the resolution to it all necessary – pet is problematic, in short.

Monkey is easier, but more expensive — they or Squirrel, called Squirrel monkey. In length, this exotic beauty is not more than 35 cm, and costs about 4.000$. Its main advantage is considered a long tail. They are very friendly and active, so this home potomageton not boring.

Next on the list — Chinese crested hairless dog. This is for dog lovers. The breed is very rare and worth up to 5,000$, they are very affectionate, loyal, friendly and not tolerate loneliness. If you’re going to have such a pet, keep in mind that due to the lack of fur, this dog will often freeze or get sunburn. But you can experiment with clothes for dogs.

Even more expensive will cost the cat breed Savannah. These cats are very unusual, with a long snout and sharp ears, very tall and thin. The weight of these cats is about 15 kg and they are also leopard print. It can be trained to walk on a leash instead of the dog or to attach to all kinds of games. By the way, for dogs it is easy, but if anything, will be able to stand up for themselves. It costs from 4,000$ to 10,000$.

At 6,000$, you can buy a Mona monkey. It is also called monkey Campbell in honor of the Explorer who found it in Africa. The most undemanding pet of their own kind — her easy nature and ability to adapt to any conditions.

A little more will have to pay for something Brazza – 7,000$ to 10,000$. The name of this species is also given in honour of its discoverer, Pierre de Brazza. These primates are very playful and fun. However, they scream loudly when scared. And who want, like Wake up on such an “alarm clock”? But they have funny white beard.

The following pet has no legs, no hands or feet, no tail. In fact, he is like one long tail. Do not worry, this is just about striped Royal Python, a subspecies of the usual round earrings. Because of its rare color, it costs 10.000$.

One of the most expensive birds is the Hyacinth macaw. This pet is considered the largest parrot in the world, and for good reason — its size reaches a meter in length! Interesting, what will need a cage for this bird? I Giatsintova Ara beautiful plumage, bright blue, hence the name. They have a very powerful beak, and, although they yield a certain training, you need to be careful with them. Found him one day in the tropical forests, and when it went on sale, it caused a sensation. All wanted to buy a strange bird and so prices are appropriate. Indulge in an unusual friend and it will cost only 6.500-12.000$.

In third place on the list of most most expensive and unique Pets is Tiger Python-albino. And, although this species is very rare, it is the most popular of all reptiles. Not scare buyers and the size of this pet creeping — in length it can reach 2 to 8 meters. For tiger Python Royal need to build a terrarium, and there to settle, will have to pay 15.000$.

Fun and funny chimpanzees occupy second place. Resident of tropical forests can be purchased for 65.000$. Give birth to usually dwarf chimpanzees, they are very peaceful and get along well with people and trainable. They can be taught to play chess or some tricks. And even with such active little creatures will often need to walk – why not health benefits?

Well, first the most expensive pet in the world — White tiger. It is also called the Bengal tiger albino. Unfortunately, on the planet these fluffy giants are very few (they do not survive in natural conditions), and that is why they are so popular. At this luxurious pet not mind to pay 138.000$.

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