The most expensive dog breeds.

According to the proverb, the dog is man’s best friend. Of course, it is. They can be excellent guards, helpers in the household and on the hunt, as well as give unconditional positive number to its owners. Some prefer to have at home a sweet mongrel, while others want to become owners of a dog of rare and pure breed, the cost of which reaches impressive amounts. Dogs expensive breeds often enough find their home in affluent families, becoming a part of their high position and, of course, part of their life, being loyal friends, despite its exclusivity. There are a number of factors that make a dog costly. The main of them are considered rare and the purity of the breed, number of awards and titles, health and exterior of the dog. It is very difficult to accurately determine which breed is the most expensive, as prices vary greatly depending on the above factors, but based on the average cost in the world, you can make a sample list of breeds that people pay a lot of money.

10th place: Saluki (Persian Greyhound) is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated dogs. Quick graceful greyhounds are mentioned by ancient Greek historian and writer Xenophon (444-356 BC), who saw them in Arabia. Image pogogyne the Saluki dogs are found on ancient Egyptian monuments that date back to 2000-3000 BCE Representatives of this breed have a very calm nature, gentle with all family members, but strangers are more cautious. The cost of the dog breed Saluki can range from 800 to 2500 dollars.

9th place: Norfolk Terrier (also known as Norfolk Terrier) is a breed of hunting dogs originating from Norfolk, England. About a hundred years, Norwich Terrier and Norfolk Terrier were the same breed (the difference between them was the position of the ears), but in 1964 it was decided to separate them. Dogs with hanging ears decided to call Norfolk Terriers. These well-built animals are very energetic, brave and hardy. Have a balanced and calm character, friendly and get along well with children. The cost of puppies of the breed the Norfolk Terrier is 1000-2500 dollars

8th place: Chinese Chongqing dog is a very rare, almost extinct breed of dog. It is assumed that they appeared in China, but it is unknown. In the tombs of the Han dynasty (200 BC) were found similar statues of dogs. In those days they were Pets of the nobility, served as evidence of the high position in society. In the twentieth century many dogs of this breed were destroyed. Today in China there are approximately 2000 specimens Chongqing. They are very friendly, calm animals, good with kids. One of the main advantages of the breed is the lifespan up to 20 years. Price of puppies Chinese Chongqing dog reaches 3 500 units.

7th place: Akita inu – breed dogs belonging to the Spitz group. Their homeland is the Akita Prefecture, in Northern Japan. In his native country recognized as a national treasure and monument of nature. Dogs of this breed can be described as discreet, clever, courageous, honorable and very devoted to their Pets. They have excellent guard quality and easily trainable. To buy puppies of breed of an Akita inu for 1000-3500 dollars.

6th place: the Pomeranian (dwarf Spitz) – breed of decorative miniature dogs originating from Germany. Image these dogs are often found on ancient Greek and Roman coins, vases and other monuments of antiquity. In 1870, during the reign of Queen Victoria, who loved this breed, Spitz came to England, where he began work on creating a miniature shape and improve its appearance. The Pomeranian has a good temper and loyal character, differs mind and ingenuity, trainable. In recent years, the Pomeranian Spitz is gaining a lot of popularity, but some specimens are real stars, such as the Pomeranian Boo from the U.S. and Spitz, Shunsuke from Japan. The price of puppies of this breed can range from 700 to 4000 dollars.

5th place: Thai Ridgeback – national breed of Thailand relating to the category of hunting. For several centuries, dwelt only in the Eastern of Thailand, maintaining the purity of their breed. More recently, at the initiative of the American breeder Jack Sterling several specimens were brought to California, where he was engaged in their cultivation. Thai Ridgebacks are very active and strong dogs that need long walks. Possess a sharp mind and all have their own opinion. You need to be able to outsmart him and to give confidence that the owner is always right. The price of dogs of breed the Thai Ridgeback ranges from 800-4000 conventional units.

4th place: Affenpinscher is an ancient breed of miniature dogs bred in Germany around the beginning of the XVII century. Originally used as a pied Piper. The name given due to the small outward appearance of apes (translated from nemeckogo “affe” means monkey). Breed, it is a beautiful watch – in case of need will give very loud all around to know about the present danger. Dogs of this breed possess a cheerful disposition, active, quite curious and boundlessly loyal to their masters. The cost of the breed, it may vary from 1500 to 4000 dollars.

3rd place: Pharaoh hound – an ancient breed of hunting dogs, the history of which begins not less than 5 thousand years ago. This is evidenced by their images found in ancient Egyptian tombs. It is assumed that the breed was brought to the Islands of the Mediterranean, Phoenician merchants, where it was long preserved in purity. In the Kingdom of Pharaoh dogs were only in 1920, and in 1975 was officially recognised. In Russia are extremely rare. Mainly used as companion dogs. Pharaoh dog – smart, playful, affectionate and kind animals, but in their nature there is some authoritativeness. The price of dogs of this breed can reach of 1,000-7,000.e.

2nd place: Bichon Lyon (other names – lion dog, levchin) – a decorative miniature breed of dog originating from France. Known in Spain and France from the late sixteenth century. Lyon dogs were often depicted on his canvases the artist Goya. In the beginning of XX century the popularity of the breed plummeted, and in 1960 she was listed in the Guinness Book of records as the rarest breed in the world. That is why the dog handlers were actively engaged in their cultivation, resulting in Bichons Lyon regained its former fame. Lion breed called because they make a kind of a haircut, what they look like lion. Dogs of this breed are very intelligent, fearless, loving and loyal. To buy a puppy breed Bichon Lyon for 2000-7000 dollars.

1st place: Tibetan Mastiff – an ancient breed of dogs, which has a history of about 5 thousand years. Powerful and brave dogs served as guards in Tibetan monasteries. In the Himalayas and Central Asia they are often used to control livestock and grazing. By nature they are reserved, calm, gentle and loyal dogs that are great guards of the territory and faithful friends of all family members. Very clean animals. One of the breed Tibetan Mastiff Hong Dong (Hong Dong) has become the most expensive dog in the world, for which Chinese coal magnate gave $ 1.5 million. Price of puppies of this breed is 2000-8000 dollars.

The most expensive dog breeds.
According to the proverb, the dog is man's best friend. Of course, it is. They can be excellent guards, helpers in the household and on the hunt, as well as…

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