The maintenance and care of Pets

About when a man appeared first Pets authentically nobody knows, but it is scientifically proven that they were even man of the stone period. Currently there are animals in every third family – some keep for the sake of obtaining wealth, others as companions, brightens your leisure of the owner.

If you are going to buy some cute and funny pet, be it cat, dog, rat, parrot or ferret, you should be prepared for possible difficulties and inconveniences, to think well of their management and care, which directly depends on the future health and mood of your pet. One has only to string up a little the first months, and then the kids will grow, and you care for them will become a habit.

There are three unspoken rules in the care of Pets: a full and varied food, cleanliness of the premises where the animal is found and regular monitoring of the health of the pet. Most owners, adhering to these simple rules, much less running around to veterinary clinics, almost not being spent on pills and relaxed for their animals.

Thinking about buying an animal, first of all, find out what it eats and in what quantity. Food should be of the highest quality and from naturallyderived, it consists of balanced fats, proteins and carbohydrates. All animals, especially at a younger age, vitamins are required to pick up to help the vet. It is impossible to forget and about a variety pokrasochnyh bones that are not only tasty but also healthy. They contain many vitamins, and when chewing they massage the gums and clean the teeth. In modern large-scale pet stores are most often the shelves are full of all sorts of Goodies, the choice is yours only. Many animals in addition to feeds, you can give vegetables and fruits as well, such as dog-loving owners specifically buy the cow stomach is the rumen.

The cleanliness of the room, as well as all sorts of cages, feeders, drinking bowls, aquariums, litter, trays and much more play an important role in the maintenance and care of Pets. It is very frustrating if from the litter tray or out of the cage with rodents will come “wonderful” scent. On the other hand the dirt and dangerous for your Pets: the litter may attract various small insects, sometimes obstinate, after eating and after drinking from dirty bowls, which wound up harmful bacteria, pet may become ill, and in cages with sawdust or hay can wind up pretty far from worms. It is advisable to clean every day, otherwise clean cats, for example, can find to itself other place for their stuff, and some animals, strangely enough, generally fall into apathy.

We should not forget about visiting the vet that put down your pet all necessary vaccinations, or if the animal is already ill, explain in detail how to conduct the treatment. When the first vaccination is given vet passport, which recorded all medical procedures to your pet. Animals, like humans are susceptible to various infections, getting bruises and injuries, are suffering from improper metabolism, prone to allergies to any foods. Lethargic condition, refusing to eat, a small tumor or continuous Yip – obvious symptoms of animal, with which they immediately need to grab the animal and run to the vet. It is also desirable to have at hand the telephone hour vet, leaving the house. It should be remembered that many diseases of animals and harmful to humans, and carefully watching the pet’s health, you do not risk this side.

In some cases, requires a special pet grooming, such as combing and trimming of the coat, trimming claws, cleaning of ears, washing of eyes, walk on the street. In any case it is impossible to apply physical force to an animal, otherwise it becomes cowardly and aggressive, any stroking will cling to the ground and wait for the blow. With the right training and diet animals grow up to be calm and balanced.

Every pet is completely dependent on his master, who feeds, waters, walks, watching his health and educates. And by purchasing a pet you must understand that the maintenance and care of Pets is not a fun game with a cute and fluffy animal, but, above all taking care of him. You don’t buy a soft toy that you get bored in a week or two, you get a real friend who is able to be sad and rejoice with you. The life expectancy of all the animals varies greatly, dogs can live up to twenty years, and hamsters or rats to three, but in any case, you need to remember that all this time only you will bear responsibility for their life and health.

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