The bill “About responsible treatment of animals.”

The authors of the document propose to introduce mandatory state registration of potentially dangerous dogs breeds (American pit bull Terrier, South African Boerboel, Karelian bear dog, Anatolian Karabash, American staffordshirskiy Terrier, Caucasian shepherd, Alabai and mixes of these breeds).

The bill introduces the concept of “Pets” – Pets.

The document forbids the torture of animals, beatings, mutilation, injury, infliction of a particular harm, the cruel killing of animals, as well as their instigation in humans or animals. Illegal propaganda admits to cruel, inhumane treatment of animals, the organization and carrying out of fights animals, including human participation, and passive participation (presence) in such battles.

The bill “About responsible treatment of animals” requires pet owners to provide the necessary pet conditions . to meet the demands of full-aft, water, sleep, movement, natural activity. The authors of the project believe that it is necessary to oblige the owners to find the animal a new owner or transfer it to a shelter, if you decide to part with your pet.

The draft Federal law establishes Dobrovolcheskaya animals . The main document certifying the fact of registration is the registration certificate. At the request of the owner when registering the animal introduces a microchip with personal data of the owner and description of the individual characteristics of the animal.

The document defines the rules and dogs . In public areas the pet should appear on the leash, ensuring the safety of humans, animals and the dogs, and muzzled (exception – puppies under the age of 3 months and decorative dog height at withers of 25 cm). The owner is obliged to remove the waste products of the dogs in case of contamination of common areas.

The authors of the bill suggest to forbid to walk dogs on the playgrounds, on the territories of institutions of health, education, culture (except urban forests, squares, parks) and sports.

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