Small rodents as Pets

To the group of small mammals include hamsters . gerbils . Guinea pigs . mice and rats . they can often be found in pet stores, and they are common Pets. Although they are all rodents (except, perhaps, Guinea pigs, whose attitude to the class of rodents is disputed in the scientific community), they have different needs for space and social interaction, and they have different qualities when the content in the house. The following comparison will help You decide which animal is suitable for You.

Syrian or Golden hamsters live on average 2-3 years. The body length of adult individuals of about 6 inches. They are solitary animals that should be kept in a cage one by one. The minimum cage size is – 12×18 inch (height 12 inches), but since hamsters are quite active, the bigger the cage the better (modular plastic cages for hamsters are often too small for them). The Syrian hamsters . which tame from an early age, usually cute animals, but if they rarely borrow, they can be aggressive and can bite (they are also nocturnal animals, it is difficult for them to Wake up and they can be irritable if they Wake in the daytime). In General, the hamsters are widely available on sale, they make hoosiermama animals, and their advantage is that they can keep one. Also becoming more available in the sale of some types of dwarf hamsters . They are smaller than Syrian hamsters are often more social, at least in comparison with other types of hamsters. Some have earned a reputation as biters, although this to some extent depends on their type and on how they are treated.

Gerbils live on average 2-3 years (although some live up to 5 years). The length of the body about 4 inches, they have a bushy tail with a length of almost with the body (although never choose gerbil along the length of her tail!). Gerbils are very active and social, so they are happier in pairs or groups (buy all males or all females, to avoid numerous offspring). To have adult gerbils quite difficult, so it is better to buy a couple or a small group of littermates of gerbils or a group of very young gerbils. The recommended minimum cage size for a couple or small group – 12×24 inches, height 12 inches, although for them it would be better if space will be more. Regularly practicing them, You will be able to get quite domesticated gerbils, which are interesting to see during game play or interaction with their neighbors in the cage.

House mice live on average 1-3 years, they are quite easy to keep in the house. They are the smallest rodents in this group, the length of their body is only 3 inches, they have long hairless tails. They are also social, females live in pairs or small groups (males tend to fight when the content with other males). They need a fairly small cage is at least 12 × 18 inches (height 12 inches), for more than two mice recommended a bigger cage. If they do, the mouse become quite domesticated, but they are small and can be shy, so they are not the best candidates for human interaction. However, they are easy to maintain, they are quite active and playful, so for them it’s funny.

Rats live on average 2-4 years, they make good Pets. They are very social, and it is best to keep a couple of the same sex (males or females). Because they are bigger, with a body length of about 8 inches (and a hairless tail the same length), they are easy to tame. With regular domestication they become very tame and love the company of humans and rarely bite. They need to release from the cage for social interaction and warm up, they can even be taught simple tricks (they are sometimes compared to dogs in their ability to bind and interact with the person). They need a large cage: it is recommended that high cell is at least 24×36 inches. Because of their social nature, they need to devote more time and attention than many other small rodents, but they are worth it.

Guinea pigs live for quite a long time, their average lifespan is 5-7 years (living and happen up to 10 years). Adult length of about 10 inches, weight 2-3 pounds, they are the most common large domestic rodents. Their size and gentle nature made Guinea pigs popular Pets, especially in families. They rarely bite, even when stressed. They are social, so the best live in pairs (same sex), they need the cage more than usual sold in stores cells in Guinea pigs. Approximately the size of a minimum surface area of 4 square feet for a pair – and that’s only if their daily to release from the cage for exercise. A large cage can be easily made from home materials, you can create the perfect living environment, as they are not as circus performers, who love to escape like the other rodents mentioned above. They have large food requirements, they need fresh hay and vegetables, as well as sufficient quantities of vitamin C. Although they need more space and attention than other rodents, they make great Pets with a longer life expectancy.

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