Room birds

Multifaceted and amazing world of birds. Not on the earth and there is no nation, no culture, civilization, which would remain indifferent to the amazing and unique feathered Kingdom. And it’s not just that the birds were and are sources of food and other material goods. If we trace the first steps of culture of any nation, among the most revered objects will be and poultry. The sacred bird is not only blind, mystical worship, and it is quite clear the personification of beauty and harmony. Each nation is understood to be beautiful in their own way — not as neighbors. Yet the folklore and spiritual culture of all Eurasian peoples like that in it, among many other living creatures it is the birds — the most popular characters or characters beautiful, kind, mysterious. Representative classes of birds cannot be confused with any other animals: feathers, wings and beak are all birds without exception. Birds from other classes of animals are distinguished with a great variety of shapes, colors, voices, behaviors, habitats. Each of the readers or “listalla” this book — at least a little bit, but the ornithologist (a specialist who studies birds). After all, a lot of chicken stalk or goose neck knows person of any profession and age, and even a dedicated vegetarian will quickly find the difference between a pillow full of ptichkina, and solid couch. Every poet dreams of a unique, the mark of an allegory — comparing, therefore, creative people are not so rarely reflect on his ornithological dictionary. Birds have captured the hearts and minds of people since time immemorial.

Even the kings are devotedly indulged in ornithological observations. And the great naturalist and the Creator of the theory of development of life on earth Charles Darwin wrote: “I Wonder that every gentleman does not become an ornithologist”. And remember our first books: alphabet books, alphabet books, coloring books — birds drawn there big set. Because they are beautiful. For their attractive appearance and cheerful behavior of the birds appeared very early in human houses as live jewelry. For the first time the concept of “bird room” (Stubenvogel) introduced a German naturalist I. M. Bechstein (1757-1822). He described all the known methods of catching, keeping, feeding and breeding of birds in captivity. His books stand 30 publications. Bird in the apartment is not only a pleasure for the hosts.

Alexander Petrovich Dubrov, biophysicist, doctor of biological Sciences, leading researcher of the Institute of traditional treatment methods of Ministry of health and medical industry of Russia, writes: “Birds are indicators of healthy environment of the dwelling: living in environmentally disadvantaged homes the birds don’t sing, refuse to eat, bad breed – birds’ Ability to speak the language of the people among whom they live, known from time immemorial. But the most surprising, scientists have discovered relatively recently: it appears that among birds there are unique individuals, able to have an intelligent conversation with a man!” Proven beneficial beneficial effect of pet birds singing to sick people. There is hope that with time and our hospital departments decoration for the foyer will not only TV, but also live, giving joy and health feathered creatures of nature. The destiny of human is different. It also happens that room the bird remains the only living being that separates the loneliness of the owner, the source of courage and aspiration to life. Bird in the apartment or in the yard may be another reason. A huge number of wild birds are often “distress”*: injured, starving, suffering from various diseases. Injured wild birds should provide assistance, however, guides, books and manuals on this important issue is still not enough. There are approximately 150 billion birds (about 9 thousand species).

There are species of birds whose numbers are estimated at several billion (crimson tkacik), at the same time, the owl Itombwe known to science only in one instance: bird, sleeping in the tall grass, found in the mountains of Zaire in 1951. Protection of birds every year pays more and more attention. Increase the list of “sacred” birds (species included in international and national Red books). At the international level, the rules of trade in rare birds and transporting them across borders governed by a special Washington Convention (CITES). In November 1990, the largest airline Lufthansa announced the termination and complete prohibition of the transportation of wild birds. Since 1991, this initiative was supported by more than 40 private and public airlines in the world. Worse is the case with laws on fishing and home maintenance wild birds within individual States. In many countries, such laws are still only in the discussion stage. The author hopes that in the near future developing legislation of the CIS countries will provide the most favorable conditions for Amateur content birds. Specialists and lovers of birds has accumulated a considerable experience. Someone will find in this book something new for yourself, some material for criticism. But there is hope that the publication will be useful for beginners bird lovers, especially fans of Willy-nilly helping injured wild birds.

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