Ringworm in cats

Ringworm in cats is a skin disease that is caused by parasites of the fungal family. Stuff is nasty, contagious, although the treatment at home can successfully compete with professional care. It is important to know what specific measures can be taken. Ringworm is a parasite on the entire surface of the skin, feeds on the outer layer of the epidermis, hair follicles, inner part of the hair.

Contributing moments for the development of lichen are any infectious, allergic skin lesions. Cats that have sensitive skin often react negatively to any external factors, changes in the diet have higher rates of shingles. At risk are animals suffering from any abnormalities of immune nature, recently underwent a large-scale infectious lesions. Antibiotics always greatly weaken the protective properties of the immune system. Months of therapy adversely affects, the immune system falls, the meeting with the patient deprive animals instantly provokes a fungal outbreak.

Poor nutrition, low content of vitamins, minerals is also a factor that reduce the natural resistance of the body of the pet. Balanced feeding, on the contrary, supports the strength of the animal at the proper level. The immune system manages to reflect the first chuzherodnym. Some breeds of cats exhibit a stronger dependence on the ringworm infection. Persian cats are statistically more likely to develop the disease. Ringworm is found in the vast majority of young cats and individuals with long hair. Although ringworm can develop on any cat. There is no seasonality.

Any significant internal processes type of tumors, cancer, sepsis, peritonitis may stimulate the proliferation of the fungus. After all, versicolor, first getting on unprotected skin of the pet, not always lightning starts a massive defeat. Sometimes, you may see the rejection of a foreign invader due to a strong immune system.

The way of Contracting ringworm

The main method of dissemination of the fungus – spores. Sometimes in close contact to the skin of a healthy animal remains and the mycelium of the fungus, some fragments of the colony. Especially when working closely cat mother with kittens. And spores, light, moving easily dispersed by the wind, remain on all surfaces. The cat may even be in contact with an infected individual, enough to walk on the same grass, the earth, shared toys.

Many rodents are carriers of ringworm. Contacting homeless animals mice, rats doing the latter source of infection. Lichen spores are very hardy, able to maintain the infection for many years. Owners of cats become carriers: on clothing, hands, shoes. Therefore, even a house cat can get sick ringworm. For the purpose of prevention is to avoid contact homemade pussy with objects of street clothes. Also should be prophylactically vaccinated.

Depriving symptoms in cats

The disease is characterized by a long incubation period, the maximum period is 3 months. Therefore sudden hair loss cats becomes a real shock for the owners. Initially formed small bald patches of skin. The shape is usually round bald patches. Often the first lichen foci are the extremities, head kocchi. Then the spots grow, merge with each other. Bald surface is covered with gray scales, can appear purulent sores, blisters.

The number, the location of the spots can vary. Some cats suffer generalized form of lichen, which quickly affects the whole body. Then the skin of the affected animal will be greasy to the touch, inflamed. Others suffer baldness only muzzle, tail. Externally versicolor may resemble immune disorders. Itching may or may occur and absent. Sometimes herpes develops atypical – some of the bald patches covered with sparse hairs. Many owners note the similarity of this form of denying the phenomenon of chafing.

Progressing, the disease becomes a real disaster for the cat. The cat feels uncomfortable, becomes restless, loses appetite. Without treatment lichen surface form proceeds to the deeper layers of the skin. Then the process of infection becomes a powerful character, and not consume the internal organs.

Treatment at home

To determine the variety of parasites that have settled on the skin of the domestic cat, is theoretically possible. If you want to experiment with your pet’s health, then you can use a number of tools that makes the condition of the cat. First, you should isolate the affected animal. Contact with a sick cat a healthy creature should not have. The owner is caring for the cat, should also take personal protection measures.

Secondly, you may need to use a protective collar so that the cat could not scratch, lick the affected area. The measure is necessary because of animals have severe itching. Then you need to cut long hair, to clean the edge of the bald patches. Daily the entire surface of the animal body is treated with an antiseptic solution: chlorhexidine, salicylic acid. Thoroughly rinse all the creases, hard to reach places.

Thirdly, all contact with animal care items, furniture should be washed daily with a solution of chlorine bleach. A disinfectant will help to kill spores of lichen. After processing antiseptic is applied ointment containing anti-fungal components. You also need to enter into the diet of cats stimulating the immune system drugs.

Treatment professional

Starts with determining the type of the pathogen, taken scrapings of the skin, the inoculation of media. When the source of a pathogen is identified, conducted a comprehensive survey of the condition of the pet. It is important to set the depth of the lesion tissue, the heart, the internal organs. Assigned symptomatic treatment: immunomodulators, antifungals oral properties, ointments that are focused on a specific pathogen. Treatment depriving can take many months. The dosage is calculated according to the physiological state of the pet’s live weight. May require the use of therapeutic vaccines.

Purulent lesions can be eliminated only by giving antibiotics. Some owners at home using iodine to lubricate damaged skin. Attention! Iodine is better not to use components of the solution dry out the skin, provoke the formation of microcracks, deteriorating the condition of the outer layer of the epidermis.

The treatment result is checked after a certain period re-fence washouts. Treatment recognizes successful if a minimum of two outcome studies were negative. After treatment, the cat may have some time to flaunt the defective skin. The coat will be restored gradually.

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