Large breed

Cats are most often associated with something light and tiny. Small graceful of beasts, curled cosy in a ball, sleeping in a small basket… But what do You say to a cat weighing 10 to 15 kilograms? Unusual, isn’t it?

Large domestic cats: myths and legends

About large pet cat goes a lot of misconceptions:

Order in the house will never be;

Lie on the breast – smother, etc.

Actually, it’s all just a delusion. Large breeds of cats differ from their smaller cousins, they are no less elegant and graceful, and certainly not more prone to destruction.

Large cat breeds: examples with Photos and names

Speaking of the larger breeds of domestic cats, primarily want to focus on Savannah is the largest domestic cat in the world! Males grow up to 60 centimeters at the withers and weigh up to 18 pounds! In its habits resemble Savannah dog: friendly, loyal, do not mind the collar and leash trainable.

Attention: savannas need regular walks!

Ragdoll – cat-“rag doll”. The breed has phenomenal abilities to relax and relaxation that requires special care from the owner: this is probably the only cat that can injure if dropped even from a low height. Phlegmatic and good animals customizat “ketoenamine”.

Maine coons lately are just incredibly popular – because of its size and unique ear-tufts, the breed became very widely known. Adult Maine Coon has a body length of 1 meter and a weight of 10-13 kg. Females, however, noticeably smaller: up to 80 inches and 8 pounds. Friendly, affectionate and playful animals, which, however, may make mischief.

Siberian cats weigh 7-10 pounds, have a very willful and stubborn character. Just walked in the house, the kitten tries to climb in the hierarchy as possible, he will choose a place for feeding and rest. From all the fun I prefer hunting. Ideal for keeping in a private home – owner who knows how to handle them.

It’s not all large breeds of cats existing in nature, but these kinds are very popular. We hope that one of these fuzzies will find its niche in Your home.

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