Keeping and breeding of domestic goats

Goats for many hundreds of years in a row are among the most popular Pets. About the benefits of milk is known to many, so more are wondering how to contain and breed on private farm. I have to say, the breeding of goats is simple, but still requires certain knowledge. We will share them with you!

All about goat farming

Breeding goats at home or begins with the purchase of young animals, or with the purchase of a pregnant female or parent stock. It is important to consider the “pedigree” animals, because milk production is largely determined by breed and heredity. You can’t breed closely related animals, as they give a weak unproductive offspring.

Goat it is best to take from high-milk breeding females, because the productivity is determined by the manufacturer. The female should be selected for breeding with a good physique, with correct udders.

To listen the goats the experts recommend in the late summer / early fall, the progeny appeared in February-March. As practice shows, those born in this period, goats are the most resilient and well developed. Also by the time you receive the first green and the period of grazing, the babies will get stronger and be able to go on green feed.

For healthy kids need proper couple of animals. For this purpose, cobisenco was in the hunt. This period lasts about 24-48 hours and it is easy to identify obvious signs. For example, goats are getting restless, they do not eat, Machaut, swell the outer parts of the vagina. If the first hunt fertilization has not occurred, it is necessary to repeat the process during the second hunt.

Hunting period occurs in females every 15-22 days prior to the time of pregnancy. If your farm has a few animals, this period can be used with its use. For example, to couple them in a different period to all year round to get milk. First hunt in young females occurs in 5-8 months, but couple can not earlier than in 1.5 years.

Pregnancy lasts, on average, 147-150 days or 5 months. Deviations from the norm within 5 days is considered normal.

Growing kids

To grow kids in the plot is possible in two ways: under the uterus and separately. But we recommend to raise kids separately. The first method is acceptable for growing only down goats. So, after birth, we leave the kids with mom until until they dry off, then transfer into a separate stall. If the shed temperature is below 12 degrees, taking in the house or in a heated veranda.

Not later than one hour after the birth to calves give sloenogo the first portion of colostrum. About 10 days babies need to feed from the bottle through the nipple. After that, teach kids to drink from the bowl. In the first month feeding regime four, after three meals a day.

Starting with the 10th day in addition to milk you can give the kids cereal (oatmeal or cream). Gradually need to be accustomed to hay and dry leaves. From the 20th day in the diet of introduced small doses of feed.

Do not forget that small kids are very active and mobile. For full development you need the space for games. Let the kids outside in good weather in a paddock. With the onset of greens grown young excreted on pasture. Proper care of goats is the Foundation of your successful breeding. About it also see the video.

All about the content

The main rules when keeping goats on a private farm is a proper diet and care. In order for young animals to grow and perform well developed, and the adults had a good productivity, they need certain conditions. So, for example, is considered to be the most successful stall-pasture method content. Usually, the stall period lasts about 180 days a year, pasture – 185 days.

In winter goats found in dry warm areas, on deep litter and in the exercise yards. In the summer most of the time animals spend on pasture or under cover on private farm. In the stall period or contain goats on a leash, or in a separate stall. Large livestock are grown in the same room without the use of the bullpen.

Separately in any case must contain a goat. This is due not only to the control of animal reproduction, but also to the fact that the scent males can purchase the female. It reflected badly on the quality of milk. Also separate from the main herd to contain goats.


A prerequisite for the maintenance of goats is good ventilation, lots of light, dry conditions. These animals like to sleep on dry boards on the hill and rarely prefer the litter. Therefore, if possible, better to build the goats a small wooden stove. For ordinary Board, which rests on the main floor of the bullpen.

It is desirable in the stalls of goats do not bind, as we can see in the video. Due to constraint movement they often reduce yield. In the nursery feeders should always be fresh hay. In a separate container salt-lick. Feed the animals three times a day at the stall maintenance and twice on grazing, provided the grazing animals at least 3-4 hours.

The room

Goats can be easily placed in the main barn together with cattle and other domestic animals. However, the room should be clean, bright and dry. Goats do not tolerate air pollution, so good ventilation is one of the important requirements for vetch. In the Northern regions of the space goats should either be insulated or heated.


Minimum allowable temperature for the maintenance of goats of about 8-10 degrees, for goats – not less than 12 degrees. The most comfortable temperature is in the range of 18-20 degrees. In such conditions the animals have indicated that the greatest milk yield.

The content in the winter

The maintenance of goats in winter implies a stall period. At this time, observed the following feeding schedule:

6-9 hours – giving roughage (hay, straw);

9-11, the issue of silos;

11-12 – watering;

12-13 – daily ration of concentrated feed;

16-18 – giving roughage.

In winter the animals are fed and watered indoors. If necessary, the liquor is heated to room temperature. If the room is not heated, it must necessarily fall to insulate the means at hand. For this purpose along the walls are arranged coniferous branches, on the floor of the shed is placed deep litter, insulated window film, door and drags a burlap sack full of straw.

The content of milk goats

The content of goat milk requires only a more balanced and varied nutrition. Since the peak of lactation are mainly in the warm season, no problems arise. The goat is the main food receives in the pasture. However, one vegetated. Very good milking animals to be fed food waste and concentrated feed.

For example, suitable plant garden vegetables, peeling potatoes, trimming vegetables. In addition to the basic feed at night dairy goat need to go to the nursery to put hay and hang on the branches.

Without grazing

If goats don’t graze, their daily need for green Korma you need to manage yourself. This applies to freshly cut grass and fresh branches. In addition, daily intake of feed supplemented with concentrates, juicy fodder, hay and bran mash. Even in the absence of grazing Pets should be walked in the paddock. About primary care of the goats also learn from the video.

Video “Goats in personal part-time farm”

In this video you will learn all the details about breeding and keeping dairy goats in the household. How to properly care, feed and what conditions the animals need, tell the owner of the goats.

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