Kama lawmakers spared of homeless animals

The theme of the day Unless sanctions are imposed, not to revoke? The end of March is a very “jubilee” in terms military interventions in the world. So, on March 21, 2011 began bombing Libya by NATO forces. 24 March 1999 – bombing of Yugoslavia. There is an opinion that the Yugoslav and the Libyan scenario fail and Russia and its leadership, but against this background of a TV broadcast to the citizens the idea that “strategic partners” economic sanctions should be canceled any day now. At least the European, at least the ones that hung over the Donbass, will cancel exactly. Here and U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, say, two whole days were spent in Moscow, understood the Americans, then they were wrong. But it was the policy of appeasement and rapprochement has always been the main instrument of Western aggression, not sanctions. Yesterday decided to recall how it happened.

“The government of Primakov and Gerashchenko Maslukov was a government of professionals, as opposed to the current” Exactly 17 years ago – March 24, 1999 occurred one of the most significant events in the recent history of Russia and its foreign policy. A prominent politician Yevgeny Maximovich Primakov made the legendary “turn over the Atlantic”, showing the world the power of sovereignty in the background of Yeltsin’s lack of will. The independence and professionalism accept restyleable and in the actions of the government under the leadership of Primakov. The unique experience of ex-Premier and his colleagues – Yury Maslukov and Victor Gerashchenko has enabled the withdrawal of the country from the abyss in 1998, However, modern financial power, those sensible ideas ignore.

Oleg Smirnov: If, in Rostov there was a catastrophe in Kazan is already a crime! There is not just to remove the responsible officials, they should be put in prison. If found technical inconsistencies – need to revoke the certificates for the Boeing 737 and Refine them. Of course, this will entail costs. Any designer, and especially Boeing, will defend itself with terrible force. And he can do it.

One of them, bulky then kissed and blew up, and was ready the eagle in crow’s feathers to rush on the foe, but he reined in his passion, took a deep breath and told further that in the 37 year of his grandfather at the same time with Tukhachevskii was executed. Of course, we regret and sympathize with the grandson if his grandfather was innocent, but the grandson did not even attempt to somehow prove it, to convince us. He, like many of his counterparts, apparently, believes that there is nothing to prove, for all the repression in Soviet times there were absolutely unjust and wicked. Alas, it is not. Or rather, not alas, and thank God that it is not so.

The members of the working group on drafting the law of Perm Krai on the content of homeless animals humane approved amendments to eliminate the killing of stray animals, said in a press-service of legislative Assembly of Prikamye.

We will remind, bodies of local self-government transferred separate state powers on the organisation of the catching and transportation of stray animals, recording and registration of animals, their treatment and neutering, and euthanasia and disposal of dead bodies.

The proposed amendments significantly alter the treatment of neglected animals under the draft law, to humane and relevant legislation, excludes the killing of all stray animals.

So caught street animal subject to registration, reception, maintenance, treatment, neutering (sterilization) and for release into the environment . In some cases, the animal must be euthanasia and cremation.

Also adopted was the amendment of the head of Ilyinsky district, providing for the transfer of these powers to the level of urban and rural settlements. In rural areas the problem of street animals is the most relevant.

With the adoption of the amendment Lysvensky municipal Duma the bill clarified what animals fall under the concept of neglected: “Neglected animals – prikolnyy cattle and other missing, runaway, abandoned or otherwise without parental care of people Pets, Pets, animals used in entertainment activities, laboratory and service animals”. In the original version of the bill was basically just neglected cats and dogs.

In connection with the refinement of the list of transferred separate state powers has arisen the need to adjust the volume of subventions provided to local governments.

The bill will be considered by the committees and the meeting of the legislative Assembly of the Perm Krai in the second reading.

We will remind that in November of last year deputies of regional legislative Assembly had almost taken the order of detention beznaturnyh animals. including their euthanasia. “Catching – screening for diseases – euthanasia – disposal” – this scheme was proposed in if the animal will not find the owner. Later, his killer protest the bill expressed by the public: the team began collecting signatures against the initiative.

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