How to open courses on training dogs

If you have special education, extensive experience with Pets and, most importantly, you love animals, then this business is for you. It does not require a large initial investment. But these services will always be in demand among dog owners. Trained, contrary to popular belief, not only dogs of service breeds, but also decorative and even purebred animals.

The handlers are specialists who study the breed and dog behavior dealing with proper breeding, feeding, housing and training. There are several types of specializations handlers:

cynologist-instructor/trainer – expert in training dogs in all areas;

the person involved is a specialist in the training of dogs for protective guard service;

the handler is a specialist in the training of dogs to participate in exhibitions.

To provide such services will need proof of your qualifications: the identity of the instructor-trainer, the helper, the expert on working qualities and sports of the Russian Cynological Federation. If you do not have these certifications, you should think about receiving them. Trust a specialist who has received special training, will be larger, and the cost is accordingly higher.

Special courses for training of trainers in major towns. Timing obucheniya are between 4-5 months and the cost from 10 thousand rubles for the course. After completing the course and internship at the site, the applicant receives a certificate giving him the right to work as an instructor.

Classes with dogs can be held on its territory and in-home or at special sites (the latter option is preferable). As a rule, the trainer offers two options work or group training sessions, in which owners of dogs take an active part together with their Pets, either individual classes with a trainer one dog.

Often instructors offer extra services (of course, extra): for example, the transportation of the dogs at the training center and back to the owners. Different types of training have their advantages and disadvantages.

So, when self-training dogs at the training grounds the active involvement of its owner not only three times a week in the classroom, but at home to consolidate the effect. Not all clients have the time and desire. But without additional training, the dog quickly loses the acquired skills. In that case, if the dog’s training occurs on-site instructor without the owner, the latter is not necessary to spend time and be present in the classroom.

The dog has been experienced handler, not the owner under professional guidance, so the learning process is more efficient and faster (in General, about two weeks). Upon completion of training is a further course of practical training. This time not for the dog and for its owner. Often trainers, training of animals on its territory, offer an additional service – daily Board. The owner can bring the dog to the place of exercise in the morning and collect her in the evening.

Please note: a professional trainers do not conduct one or two classes. They contract directly to the entire training course. When it comes to training service dogs, then at the end of the course the owner along with the dog passes the exam the expert to get a diploma single sample. Is not always possible to take the exam on the first attempt, but it does not show the level of instructor.

The second most significant, after training and receiving the certificate, expenditure to buy the necessary equipment, including protective overalls, a training sleeve for raising acumen in dogs, special pants for the trainer, and inventory. The latter include whistles for training, marking flags, portirovaniyu objects, stacks, whips and whips for training, barriers to training and competitions, the hiding place for the helper. In some cases you may need additional leashes, muzzles, harnesses and collars.

The cost of classes ranges from 500-600 rubles per hour on site (a group of five dogs with owners) or on-site trainer, from 1000 rubles per hour in-home dog owners, from 5,000 rubles a week (if the trainer takes the dog to his classroom). On average, the course consists of ten lessons. If a dog, with which it is supposed to do, over two years, the cost of education, as a rule, increases, since in this case we are talking not only about training, but about the correction of undesirable habits of the animal.

An additional source of income trainer would be to sell related products (collars, leashes, shleek, educational literature), as well as their own lectures and materials in print or in video format.

Courses in dog training – the business is seasonal. Despite the fact that classes can be conducted and in the winter, however, the majority of orders occurred in spring, summer and fall. The payback period is 5-6 months, depending on the initial investment.

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