How to determine dog breed simply and effectively?

For thousands of years people pull their dogs for protection, hunting, herding animals and just for fun. And, of course, they are noticeably different from each other: most different size, height, color, temperament. Now there are more than 300 breeds. To correctly identify the breed, you should pay attention to the following points.

1. Determine the height and weight of Your pet. Growth can be measured with tape from the head of the animal to the floor. Height and weight are the determining factors of the definition.

2. Look at her face meticulously and coolly. Different breeds have unique traits: eyes, ears, nose, shape of the muzzle.

muzzle of the breed of dog huskies in the aviary

What color is the pet’s nose? Ears pointed or rounded? The muzzle is flat, like a bulldog . or pointed, like a Spitz ?

3. Now inspect the woolen cover. Each breed of dog has a different fur length. The same applies to the length and shape of tail. Run your hands through the wool four-legged friend to determine its density, length, and softness. She can be direct and Curling, hard and soft, thick and rare. For example, the Alaskan Malamute is very thick and tough, and the commander it is thick, soft and are gathered into separate strands. Color different breeds of dogs can be of one color,spots or specks.

4. Watch the dog and try to determine its behavior and temperament. Some of them are bred in order to get friendly and even-tempered assistants, while others are designed for hunting or protection. They can be playful and serious, bold and timid, friendly or wary. Hounds, for example, is very curious and careless, and greyhounds – serious and independent.

5. To find out the breed, you can visit any community of breeders or the library. If You have found in books the picture of Pinki, similar to Your, learn more about it from the description. This will help You to analyse and understand the suitability of Your dog for that description or not. If you can not determine the breed, it may indicate that she is mixed, i.e. Metis.

Now, if the owners want to determine belonging to the genus, it is possible to make DNA pet. This can be especially useful if You took a pet from a shelter, or if she is a cross of different breeds.

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