Feeding the puppy Dachshund

A healthy Dachshund puppy . as a rule, is easily adaptable to any reasonable mode of feeding, even inappropriate for most of taxat “cat system” — when food is constantly in the bowl. However, it is advisable to feed your puppy several times a day, small portions, traditional dog food.

Derived from food calories consumed in childhood on growth, movement and metabolism, so I need to attach to the cost of the puppy’s body in every specific period.

To some extent, the feeding affects the rate of growth, but only within the so-called reaction norm of the organism, which is genetically. Therefore, keep your puppy on a starvation diet that it has not grown too large, useless, and few of today’s owners, this idea will come to mind. But overfeeding puppies and adult dachshunds, is a real challenge .

And advise here in grams very difficult: according to my records, our bitches the standard g/W taxes at 3 months weighed 4-4. 5 kg (final weight of 8.3 kg and 10), but the Kobel’kov American line in 3 months is 7.2 kg, and in 4 months is 8.6! It is clear that nutrient requirements are quite different.

The main criteria, do not overeat puppy — how it looks, how easy it moves and, of course, there are no problemwith stomach. Experienced dog person to navigate easier, but in any case you should have common sense and don’t shrink from to look at the pile that were “produced” by the puppy. The feces OK feature, but not “stone”, without undigested pieces; emptied the puppy without difficulty, the Pope does not travel; it happens several times a day.

Stomach in puppies after eating apparently filled, but the kid should not turn in the barrel. Before the next feeding tummy should fall off noticeably, although not “stick to back”. (By the way, I think harmful the recommendation in some brochures, take the puppy outside immediately after feeding . allegedly so accustomed to the toilet. Better to give him the opportunity to contentedly fell asleep as soon as he wants to, than be forced to run with a full stomach.)

What is a balanced diet? Being manufacturers of finished feed aggressively convince us that to make it independently is almost impossible. The West has considerable positive experience of feeding only prepared foods. But if you want you can raise a puppy Dachshund at “straight”, and it is not difficult.

Notorious proteins, fats and carbohydrates are somewhat interchangeable, so possible small distortions are not afraid. The main vitamins — vitamin C — is produced in dogs in the body, the rest were generally accepted for their feeding products, the more fees usually love fruit, carrots, and even raw potatoes. Minerals — calcium and phosphorus — important for course fees, but the problems in our breed there are much less common than, for example, great Danes or St. Bernards.

Common dog dish “meat porridge” is combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you still from time to time will add a bit of vegetable oil (dogs need linoleic acid) and, for example, carrots — you get quite a balanced buffet for healthy dogs. Using several types of different meat products and cereals, you can be sure that most of the trace minerals and vitamins a puppy from them. A special role for a growing body are calcium and phosphorous (for building bones and teeth). This is a big topic, beyond the scope of this article. Today we give such advice.

Mineral supplements. Recommend feeding all natural use “Gelatin-baby” in half of said Bank dosage (for an overdose of dressing perhaps more dangerous). If at least half of the diet the puppy receives in the form of high-quality (super-premium) dry food for puppies (for example, “Ekanuba”), mineral additives, we do not give.

Note: drugs such as the American “Calcium-D”, containing calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D in large dosages without any evidence do not apply — we observed the violation of mineral metabolism in puppies when taking these pills on a background of feeding dry food. We draw the attention of those who believe that to feed the puppy with the fresh meat is best (“What I have, no money?”). With this diet puppy needs, especially calcium, are not provided.

Can I mix feeding dry food and “straight”? Our subjective opinion is that it is possible and even advisable. For puppies we usually alternate these Breakfast, lunch and dinner: 1. Milk feeding. 2. Dry food slightly moistened with water (“Ekanuba”, “hills”, another super premium for puppies of small breeds). 3. “Meat porridge” (the name conditional — it could be the fish with egg yolk and rice, and chicken with a slice of bread).

Milk and dairy products, as you know, are also a complete product, thus each feed supplies the puppy a good set of proteins-fats-carbohydrates. Theoretically, cow milk is well-absorbed puppy up to 4 months, but in practice it is very individual, therefore, we did not immediately give milk, and yogurt is 3.2% or less fat, depending on fatness. Many owners do consider it their duty by all hook and crook to feed the puppy the cheese. Kefir or yogurt (unsweetened, no fillers) and cheese (usually when training is included in the daily diet) completely replace “tasteless” cheese.

Attention: pour nothing, recently revised and look at the honey that now is not considered useful for dogs. Rule of feeding the puppy. Not chastity with feedings. Already for 2-month-old puppy 4-5 feedings a day is too much, as soon as possible reduce their number. The puppy should be hungry for the next feeding, appetite to eat what is given, not touching and not privrednika, a bowl to lick clean.

When feeding a litter of puppies not being arsey — feel competition or just having fun? But in the new home of the only child taxane sometimes cultivated whims.

The temperature of feed is checked by the finger — ideally, he was warm. Notice the ceramic bowl for dogs: they not only remarkably stable and attractive for lugging around in your mouth, but they can easily warm a serving in the microwave.

Do I need to put the bowl on a stand that is right for Convention fees? Special influence on posture is not seen, but if desired, the stand or bowl mounted on a tripod, should be at chest level.

In conclusion, here is the list of products prohibited for dogs, and is traditionally used for feeding the puppy and adult dachshunds.

A list of products. Feeding the puppy Dachshund


Meat: veal, beef, lamb, Turkey — usually raw. Chicken and pork — usually cooked. Fish: cooked (scalded with boiling water). Not sure. Cereals: rice, buckwheat, millet, oats, sometimes bread, pasta. Dairy: we give kefir to 4 months. can the milk. The white yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese (usually for training). Eggs: raw egg yolk and whole egg after heat treatment. Vegetables, fruits as desired, including raw potatoes, quash. cabbage, berries. Not sure. Bones: occasionally, raw veal, without sharp pieces. Not sure. Pastry: savory crackers, crackers. Not sure. Dog food: in addition to the cheap domestic, respecting the retention periods, including open cans. Not sure. (If needed, we prefer “human” stew.)

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