Correct feeding huskies

What are the peculiarities of feeding of the huskies, how to make diet depending on the capabilities of the hunter meets all the needs of the body dogs that definitely should be included in the diet likes, and what not to feed your pet about this article.

First, I should say that the “likes” unpretentious by nature and eat less of other common hunting dogs.

The number of meals huskies depends on their age. Puppies under one year are fed 4-5 times a day, adult dogs two times (morning and evening).

How to determine the amount per serving? If Your dog lives an active life with regular walks, games, training. diverse physical exercises, then the amount of food should be more than dogs that lead a sedentary lifestyle(lying in a kennel, etc.). The main thing – that the dog was always enough to eat, but not overeat!

What should be included in the diet?

Of course, meat. Preferred the beef. Meat should be boiled, as raw meat can contain worms and other parasites. Fish should also be included in the diet (always boiled).

Vegetables – a rich source of vitamins, and they need to give to maintain the health of the pet. Just vegetables, of course, no dog is not, so they need to pre-chop (chop,to scroll in a meat grinder, blender) and serve with the main food. Most useful for dogs carrots, but other vegetables also need to add in the “food cart” like. So the dog got more value from vegetables, they should be given in raw form, as boiled, fried, steamed vegetables lose their useful properties. Periodic feeding dogs garlic – a sure prevention of occurrence of worms.

To avoid diseases of the musculoskeletal system and for strong bones the dog should give food, rich in calcium (dried fruit, cottage cheese, sour cream, nuts…).

For strengthening the teeth of the dog should be given bones, stew and tendons. In addition to satisfying the need to chew and bite, husky will receive the necessary mineral salts. But you should not boil the bones, because bones subjected to heat treatment hard to digest.

As all these recommendations are very difficult to observe, feeding the huskies need to include some special, inexpensive vitamin-mineral complex, which is sold in pet store or veterinary clinic.

In food don’t forget to add salt in reasonable amounts (not to overdo).

Always make sure that the dog always had clean drinking water.

Approximate feeding huskies can be the following (based on the daily diet):

300 – 400 g of meat, vegetables 100 – 200 g 130 g boiled rice, 15 g of salt, bread and a little “kalasatama” food. At high loads, you can add a raw egg.

What products should not be fed to Laika . (this information also applies to other breeds of dogs).

Sweet pastry, confectionery.

Smoked products, spices, seasonings

When the dog is four months of age milk and dairy products (kefir, ryazhenka etc.) to give not recommended.

These products lead to diseases of the digestive system, obesity, loss of vision, smell and other health problems.

No need to abuse dry food. It affects the liver and kidneys of the dog. Dry food should be given only as a reward for the execution of commands and good behavior!

Once a week or half a month will be useful to transfer the dog water and crackers (fasting days) for the purpose of cleansing the body of the dog. The benefits of this event many: first, the pet will have a good appetite, and secondly it will not be spoiled.

Features feeding puppies.

As you know, the best puppy food until one and a half to two months is the mother’s milk. As soon as the puppy turns a month, it is beginning to lure a variety of supplements that positively affect the development of the dog. At first it dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream). Then give meat and fish (first in the form of meat) and chopped pieces. To obtain the puppy all the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to gradually diversify the diet (cereals – barley, oatmeal, vegetable soup). To strengthen give teeth to chew stew.

The feeding peculiarities of the sacred bitches.

The diet of pregnant and nursing bitches should be nutritious and useful. On the recommendations of veterinarians feeding of the huskies, from the beginning of pregnancy which 2 months should be the following: 650 g of meat, one pound products from cereals and flour, 200 – 300g of vegetables, a pint of milk. To meet the needs for calcium and other elements give the dog to chew chalk.

Correct feeding of the huskies – a guarantee of good mood of Your pet and good health for years to come! Dogs are our faithful friends, loyal companions that delight us at home and helped on the hunt, need our care and affection. Correct feeding of the dog is one of the main components of success on the hunt!

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