Children and Pets

Any parents with the new baby, there are always issues associated with cohabitation of the child and of a pet – be it cat, dog, parrot, Guinea pig or aquarium fish. Often even before the birth of your baby in the house there favorite pet. It is a source of concern about his interaction with the child. You first need to show the animal to the vet and get the necessary vaccinations. If the family no one Allergy to wool, most likely this disease will not affect your child. But in any case it is impossible to leave an aggressive animal that may cause injury to baby. Perhaps in this case your pet will have to find new owners.

There are many examples of jealous pet (especially cats) to the child. With the advent in your home a new family member, the cat is also beginning to require increased attention, trying to go exactly to the spot where lies the little one, jumping the nursery bed or a wheelchair. You can try to solve this problem by organizing a home favorite of her “personal” area with a comfortable bed and toys. Don’t forget to care for your pet, give food on time, promptly remove the toilet or clean the cage, play, stroke and talk druzhelyubnye. Give the animal to understand that your attitude towards him has not changed in a negative way.

Wanting to combine accommodation of the child and the animal in the same room, you need to understand that it would cause you even more liability. Have to clean the apartment more carefully, to toddler, crawling around on the floor, not dragged in mouth of cat or dog hair, food or litter. However, the benefits of cohabitation of the child and of the animal weight. First of all – your child will learn to behave properly with the animals, feed, walk and play with him, and this is the first step to understanding the responsibility towards the pet. A cat or a dog can be a good friend for your baby, as a pet he will not be bored and not afraid to stay home.

Teach your child to properly care for a pet, show them how to carefully comb out the hair. not to bring pet pain, clean the ears, treat wounds, give vitamins and medication. Until the child has reached an older age, you should go through it yourself, but give him the opportunity to help you takes care of your pet. If the child is small, do not leave him alone, especially with large animals, even just playing, can harm your baby. Explain that you can’t always love the animal, beating him and carry on the floor by the tail, as this is not a toy but a living being, experiencing the same feelings as we do.

If your baby has grown up and your house is not yet home to a pet, and the child wants him to have, give him the opportunity to choose, discuss who is better: a cat or dog, parrot or hamster, and can acquire an aquarium with fish. The main thing is to have your child communicating with your pet a joy.

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