Breeds of dogs for protection of a site

As a rule, from the beginning we sympathize with the breed and only try to reinforce their choice with rational arguments. When choosing an animal for an urban apartment this approach is justified. But if you need a guard or watchman, in the first place to consider the working qualities of the breed.

The choice would be easier if you clearly define what you need. First of all, should the dog be able to physically defend the owner (guard dog) or she plays the role of a sound alarm (watchdog)? In the latter case, it does not have to be large and to possess fighting qualities, although, of course, intimidating appearance and menacing voice don’t hurt.

Work with watch dogs copes most of the mongrels. They, as a rule, unpretentious and smart. But if you are relying on the guard, you need the corresponding service dog breed, because to predict work quality purebred puppy whose parents are unknown, virtually impossible. Breed for guard and patrol service must be able to withstand winter stay outdoors, it’s good to give training and to pose a serious threat to potential intruders.

She often deservedly giving first place. This is a moderately large dog, a reliable defender, very smart, well trained, gets along well with owner’s family,children .

Very popular breed. Large, powerful dog with short hair. Rottweiler tolerates frost. as street maintenance in the winter he grows a thick undercoat.

Rottweiler require intensive physical activity. As well as hard training, as these dogs often tend to demonstrate leadership qualities and are very aggressive.

Russian black Terrier

A large shaggy dog, one of its kind able to scare off intruders. So the plot is not scattered pieces of wool, Terrier takes time to trim. Black Terriers are intelligent and obedient dogs, and yet strong and fearless guards.

Smart and friendly to the owners of the dog with a stable psyche. The combination of large size and mobility and excellent response makes it a good guard dog. Active, requires regular walks and exercise

Very large, hardy dog. Hostile towards strangers, aggressive. never retreat before the enemy. To the Caucasian shepherd dog was a well-managed, coexisted with the family, requires a skillful and persistent training.

A dog who barks at every rustle and at the sight of any passerby, is not a particularly good watchdog. It only annoys others, and the owner gets used to the false alarms. A guard dog needs to cast a vote only in cases, when you really want to attract the attention of the owner.


Jack Stranger, thanks for the addition! About all the good rock was hard to tell, we stopped at the most famous, which most often compared. What if you write an article for us about the Central Asian shepherd dog, about their education, care and security qualities? We are happy to publish even the name of your cattery will write. But if it’s not official, just in the caption to the article write that you are the breeder. Blame the author, of course, possible, but you know, the data collection process is endless. The more people we help, the more objective information.

The author of the article “deservedly takes first place” German shepherds, Rottweilers praises, black Terrier and Leonberger, and makes no mention of the Cao. Don’t know what it brought – a fine force of talent or total unfamiliarity with the question. Others such as CAO, is not there. Kindness and devotion to their owners and yet the intolerance of outsiders; the balance of nature along with explosive power controlled rockets, a distinct territorial instinct, is there anyone else has this combination of qualities? More than 15 years I’m Asian and am eternally grateful to the man who in 1999 told me to make for the protection of part of this particular dog. The daughter grew up riding them astride. We love running in the rain, sleep in the snow, bask in the sun, dig a hole, eat out, sleep on a soft couch. And guarded. And in the rain and in the heat and in the snow. Without any special training. But short dog’s age. And an endless feeling of loss.

The best guard in my opinion, Central Asian shepherd. 1)They do not need to learn organ skills,they are all in the blood 2)They are all my fearless kind of show-will be thrust into my territory,will leave your life. 3)they Have a very bassy,slightly hoarse voice,so even when the dogs bark behind a closed fence,we can immediately understand that the dog is big and evil. 4)With their owners they are like little kittens-play,love doing good,but when some stranger walks in,they ruthlessly tear. 5)These dogs can live outside the earth and not die from severe frost. 6)they Have a menacing appearance,so when you go near a dog,you have my word-no one wants with bad intentions to approach you. 7)This dog will protect you until the end of his life,and to give his life for you. 8)They are so loyal,and will never leave you. 9)children of the owner is also a part of their family,so they will defend just like you.Will always watch them and if anything,you can be sure that next to the Alabai they are NOT in danger! 10)They are so fearless,will attack any gang,if she’s bothering you. 11)They eat a little. 12)he Can. And look like the sleeping bear,but if someone climbs into their territory-they become powerful lions that will tear every last one of them. 13)can Confidently leave your child with Alabai he NEVER HURT you!

Better than the CAO(Alabai) no guard))) than he knows what to do and he doesn’t have to wait for the command. The right education is very important for any dog. But if you Alabai brought up in love and affection, he will be with you as “kitten”, but “aliens” into its territory to go!

And I am the owner and breeder of the Kangal (Anatolian shepherd) in Russia. I think this breed is ideal for protection of a site. Despite the fact that dogs are shorthaired, they all year round in any weather live on the street. Our puppies a month already lived in the aviary (in December) and didn’t freeze, even the booth is not used – gave it a toilet. Very calm, intelligent dog with a great mind. Never involved in dog roll call. In General, rarely barks. Very not whimsical. With the huge growth of (refers to the giants) looks very slender, lean. Fast and easy runs. Because of its not great for that growth of weight in our breed dysplasia is rare. Protective qualities in the blood, developed by centuries. The breed is rare here, because from Turkey (the birthplace) it is prohibited to export.I have 3 adult dogs of this breed. And have puppies for sale.

Guest on August 14, 2012

I think briar decent guard

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