About the breed Savannah

Luxury for you is not just a lifestyle, a state of mind? Then we present you elegant and graceful, elegant and exquisite, luxury and magnificent F1 SAVANNAH, which by its presence will fit into the most sophisticated decor and perfectly complement your elite status.


Breeders wanted to create a cat with exotic looks and a chiseled profile, the lordly splendor and grandeur of the African Serval, one that reveals the mind and character of the domestic cat. The American breeders of this work took over 10 years! The result impressed many experienced breeders have managed to obtain a unique cat breed docile and sociable, affectionate and friendly. The first kitten was born in 1986, Bengal breeder Judy Frank in Pennsylvania and is named for the expanse of their historic homeland, Savannah. In 2001 the breed was officially recognized and registered by TICA Association.

Breeding the Savannah is a challenging task. Purebred savannahs are produced by crossbreeding a Serval with one of the breeds of the domestic cat: Oriental Shorthair, Egyptian Mau or Bengal cat, the parents should grow together. Denote the resulting offspring the F1 (50% of Serval’s blood), the second generation F2 (25%)and so on to F5. To cross a wild Serval with a domestic cat many try but only few succeed because only a professional breeder. So today, Savannah remains the most expensive, elite and exclusive cat in the world. We guarantee the purity of the breed, because only work with premium manufacturers – our Pets are domesticated in 15th generation, love people and live with them in harmony.


Royal lady, the cat-Queen possessing a noble stature, calm, majestic eyes, long and slender legs and large round ears. The coat of the Savannah is short, shiny, thick and unusually soft. This majestic spotted cat is different noble color, rich color from chocolate-brown to silvery and even the color of cinnamon. The size of a Savannah depends on the content of the blood Serval – the F1 generation and F2 reach height of 60 cm at the withers, weight – up to 15 kg, which is three times the weight of normal cat and the body length can reach up to 135 cm Savannah looks striking, chiseled forms and innate charm, infinite affection and sincere devotion.


Resourceful, smart, observant Savannah since the early days settled into your home and will become a new member of the family. Returning home, be prepared for the fact that she will meet you at the door. Energy in Savannah is in full swing – she’d love to play with you “SIC”, and to bring the ball will not be worse trained dogs, and want of rest – she proudly goes to his lair. Savannah loves to be in the company of owners or other Pets with whom they get along well. They love water, so give her a home favorite in joy to splash around with you in the pool. Savannahs are sociable, at the sight of the guests will come forward and demonstrate a graceful gait like a professional top model defile on the podium. They are modest, playful and affectionate. I love children and easily attached to the host, which have time to fall in love immediately and for life.

Care and concern

Savannah, with all its attributes of the Royal person, do not require special care – these beauties are very undemanding, and will feel comfortable in a country house or a spacious city apartment. Enough time to feed, water, gently comb your dear pet. For power you can use raw meat, but should not be limited, they would be happy to feast on and dry vitaminiziruet feed. Getting a decent education in the nursery Murmured, kittens are already accustomed to the tray, tidy and the standard of conduct is fixed at the genetic level. So your cat is not methyl your apartment or house, it is recommended to castrate or sterilize the kittens until puberty. Savannas since childhood removed with laser claws on the forelimbs, it is not in any way restrict their movements, but helps their owners avoid accidental scratches. Of course, your pet need tenderness, affection and love. The health of the savannas is excellent, a normal domestic cat might envy them strong immunity, and this is a guarantee of active longevity. The lifespan of the savanna at an average of 20 years. And to have your pet to always be healthy and cheerful, it is sometimes possible to walk in the fresh air. Savannahs are easily accustomed to a leash like a dog. Be sure that you meet with this exotic pet on the street, passers-by will admire it.

Gave himself a company of this Regal beauty she will bring to your home peace, harmony, coziness and will be a faithful friend for children and adults for many years.

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