5 accessories for the pet owner.

Now there are lots of accessories to care for Pets due to which the owner may not worry about leaving your pet alone. 5 items collected in our survey, will make the life of a pet more comfortable and fun.


Treadmill for dogs.

A treadmill will allow the animal to stay in good physical shape and maintain your optimal weight. Practice shows that dogs and cats are happy to train and take time off from exercise much less than their hosts.

Humidifier wool

Humidifier wool for cats.

Humidifiers are available not only for men. When in apartments hard at work heating, cats also experience discomfort. They electrified and dry hair, itchy nose, watery eyes. These problems will help to eliminate the humidifier, made in the form of a ball. The cat will happily play with it, thus helping to recharge the integrated battery.

Bowl, which does not run out of water

Bowl with uninterrupted water supply.

This amazing bowl will not allow the pet to stay clean without water. The model connects directly to garden hose – very handy if the hosts are delayed for a long time at work.

Robot playing with animals

A robot that will play with a dog and a cat.

Unusual robot will be for your pet’s best friend, if the owners went on vacation. The toy is equipped with a web camera that allows you to see what the animal is doing. The gadget will entertain dogs and cats playing ball – he shoots from a special catapult.

Sensor for aquarium

Smart sensor for aquarium fish.

Fans of fish can now be confident that their Pets are okay. Lowered into the water the sensor that controls the water temperature and pH level – if something is not in order, the owner will receiveor SMS. The gadget is available in two versions – for fresh and for sea water.

Why not come up with designers to improve the lives of animals! Those who want to pamper your pet with a new accessory, can find ideas in the great review of furniture for Pets.

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